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img of What is Needyu
3 min read

Needyu is a platform that allows people to optimize work time using cutting-edge technology to increase productivity. This translates into more time to dedicate to personal life, promoting balance, physical and mental health, as well as strengthening human and spiritual connections.

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4 min read

In a fast-paced world, every second is crucial. Needyu emerges as a game-changer, optimizing your time and maximizing your productivity. Inspired by the expression "Need You," Needyu embodies essential help, reflecting our mission to make your daily life more efficient and meaningful.

img of Why we created Needyu
1 min read

People are increasingly immersed in a world that steals their time. Time is a gift from the creator of the universe, and we must take good care of it. Technologies, increasingly advanced, contribute to this time theft, trapping people in addictive technologies. Social media is proof of that.

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2 min read

More than just a technological tool, Needyu is an extension of your own mind, expanding your ability to collect and retrieve information, identify and enhance behaviors, and be more assertive in your activities, optimizing the use of your time in everyday routines and freeing up more time to improve yourself, your team, your family.