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What is Needyu

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What is Needyu

More than an assistant, your copilot and life mentor

Needyu is a platform that allows people to optimize work time using cutting-edge technology to increase productivity. This translates into more time to dedicate to personal life, promoting balance, physical and mental health, as well as strengthening human and spiritual connections.

Created to serve companies from various sectors in the B2B market, such as healthcare, law, mentoring, entrepreneurship, and consulting, Needyu learns and continuously adapts to the needs, processes, clients, and teams. Based on the high-tech GPT model, the platform evolves with each interaction, improving its efficiency and adaptability.

Needyu’s differentiator lies in using artificial intelligence to enhance the human essence in professional activities. Through the collection and analysis of data from meetings, encounters, classes, medical consultations, both professional and personal, as well as integration with internal and external databases, Needyu facilitates all interactions in a simple and intuitive way.

Needyu goes beyond a simple platform; it acts as your mentor and copilot on the journey of life. Equipped with advanced real-time support features, intelligent reminders, efficient integrations, and valuable insights, Needyu is more than an assistant — it is an extension of your mental capacity designed to enrich both your professional and personal life.

We are part of the initiative FOR LOVE, FOR LIVES - Visit: https://por.life/


Drive efficiency and productivity for individuals and organizations with innovative artificial intelligence solutions, promoting a healthy balance between professional and personal life, allowing people to dedicate more time to enrich their lives and strengthen connections with what they value most.


To be a leader at the intersection between humanity and technological innovation, using intelligent assistance to increase productivity. Our focus is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve excellence and fulfillment, fostering sustainable growth and the sharing of knowledge and wisdom. Our commitment is to redefine the use of time, freeing it from the constraints of the corporate world, in order to organize our information and actions, so that each moment can be experienced with fullness and purpose.

Non-negotiable Principles

  • Integrity and Transparency: Act with integrity and clarity in all actions, reflecting honesty and impartiality.
  • Respect and Dignity: Valuing the uniqueness of each individual, promoting a welcoming and respectful environment.
  • Service and Altruism: Putting the needs of others first, inspiring actions that positively contribute to the community.
  • Stewardship and Accountability: Managing wisely and carefully, ensuring resources are used effectively and sustainably.
  • Innovation with Purpose: Seeking continuous improvements that enhance the human experience, maintaining a commitment to development that benefits all.