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Our market

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Our market

We are ready to serve the B2C-Business-to-Client and B2B-Business-to-Business market.


Anyone can become a Needyu user. The process is quick and uncomplicated: just need a personal email to create an account on our website, accessible at https://needyu.ai. Our platform is ideal for students and professionals from any area working online, whether participating in meetings, virtual events, study sessions, medical consultations, mentoring, and other similar activities. Join Needyu and optimize your way of connecting and interacting online!


Companies of all sizes and sectors looking to increase productivity in their meetings and their organization can greatly benefit from our solutions. Our service offers effective activity control, minute writing, follow-up actions, and valuable insights generation to enhance the company’s day-to-day operations. This results in faster operations and facilitates knowledge sharing among organization members, such as but not limited to:

  • Health: We provide direct support to doctors, psychologists, health teams, and patients, improving efficiency and communication.
  • Mentoring: We support mentors and mentees, optimizing the learning and personal development process.
  • Legal: We assist in process analysis and information organization, facilitating access to crucial data.
  • Students: We provide support in interpreting and summarizing content, enhancing students’ academic skills.